Sunday, May 9, 2010

Adios Lima!

It's kind of funny how different Lima seems now that I am not officially working and now that Caleb, mi esposo David and mi sobrino Nicky are all here with me. It was nice to have David and Caleb here for the lovely dinner at the Chinese restaurant (everyone calls them "Chifa" here) that the Anatomic Pathology staff arranged for us. I will miss Dr. Yabar, the Chief (el Jefe) of Anatomic Pathology and I will always feel sad that I never learned to pronounce his name correctly.

I would hate to ever visit someplace with a big tour group -- you wouldn't be able to do whatever it is that you might want to do -- but I definitely like having a few guys to tourist around with so that I can travel further outside of my comfort zone. It always surprises me what Caleb and David want to see (Walk around Lima's residential neighborhoods to see what kind of systems Peruvians have to kill or maim anyone who might try to rob or vandalize their home? Visit a Peruvian Engineering School??) and what they are willing to eat (A Peruvian college burger joint? Good Wi Fi, though!). With Nicky here, all zones are perfectly comfortable and surfing at the beach and para-sailing through the skies above Lima are all in a good day of sightseeing.

Words for today? Dia de Madre. It is Mother's Day here in Peru and Dia de Madre is as big as Navidad (Christmas) or Pascua (Easter). We went out to lunch and the restaurant had presents for all of the moms who were having almeurzo with their families. People here ask me about Mother's Day in the USA and I tell them that we have it but that, "En Peru, Madre es sagrado (sacred). En Estado Unidos (the USA) madre es solamente madre (mom is just mom)."

Next stop?? Cuzco!!!

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